Magazine Shoot: People Behind the Scene in Active Calm Fashion Collection

Feburary 22, 2021

Magazine Shoot: People Behind the Scene in Active Calm Fashion Collection

"Okay, do another fist pose." "The photographer said to the model, and then continued to take pictures. It was a long and enjoyable night for the shoot - it took the makeup artist two hours to do the spiral hairstyles with Peking Opera and Chinese characteristics. But there were smiles of joy on their faces, for they knew this was no night like any other. Model Zhang Jiaqi studied Chinese dance for 5 years as a child, which is why she can always put on such elegant and charming moves. "The model was a match made in heaven for this outfit, and everyone on set felt the same.


The whole shooting team can't wait to start looking at the results. In December last year, RIVERPEACE.CO has found photographer Zhong Jielan, and began to carry out an intensive shooting plan. The purpose of the shoot is to increase the influence of the brand, and it is best if it is published in a magazine. When choosing a model, the designer did not hesitate to find Zhang Jiaqi. They had also worked together in a film and television team, and the designer knew that her tension as a model was the best fit for this work.


The designer uses traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts to inspire fabric prints and silhouettes. When talking about why she made such a collection, the designer said: "She has been deeply attracted to traditional Chinese culture since she was a child, and I hope to show my understanding of traditional Chinese culture with this dress. This is a culture of thousands of people, and every Chinese can say that they are an expert in Chinese culture, because it is made up of tens of millions of Chinese. "


The Active Calm collection has now been published in Selin Magazine.

RIVERPEACE.CO Behind the Scenes Model MakeupMODEL MAKEUP                                                                                                        

Make up artist creating the style for model.


RIVERPEACE.CO Selin Magazine Cover Photo 

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Selin Magazine Cover Photo

Photo: Jielan Zhong